Kokoru - Special Unique Gift for Special Person

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Kokoru Creative Art - Special Unique Gift for Special Person Want to Develope your children Brain & Patience? Test Your Brain Creativity & Imagination Kokoru Art - Hottest New Hobby In This Era Colourful Kokoru - Imagination Fly
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Finding a special gift for birthday or wedding is always challenging. Are you stuck for ideas?
Secret Garden magic flower (well known as Little Flower) is the best choice for all occasion. Give them your surprise and leaving them sweet memory.
Want to make your office and working station more lively and refreshing? A colorful plant definitely changes every corner and every moment.
Facing difficulties to cultivate a plant? Sometime cactus will be very troublesome too! Processed using Japan Technology, 100% REAL FLOWER. Little Flower is very easy to take care and can last more than 10 years.
Very easy to take care. This everlasting flower does not need soil, fertilizer or sunlight. With just some mist from the air the flower will bloom. Size of the flower bud keeps changing according to surrounding humidity. Bloom when dry, close when humid. Just spray / sprinkle some water once a week. Do not replace cap when flower still wet.

Little Flower as your all time gifts and souvenir. Grow one pot of magical flower now as your new pet 

Little Flower by Secret Garden, a Magical plant for modern people.