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Terms & Conditions


1) To join as Agent, you must be age 16 and above.

2) Agent allow to sell the product at any cost higher than Secret Garden minimum selling price guideline but cannot lower the selling price without approval from Secret Garden in writing.

3) To start order, you must ensure that you have already made your agent fees.

4) Order can only be place when you receive payment from buyer and Secret Garden will only deliver the stock if you have make payment to Secret Garden Account.

5) Once confirm order button is submitted to Secret Garden, you will be receiving an order confirmation email and your shipment shall than ship out within 5 business days.

6) Shall there any cancellation happen after placement of order, a penalty of RM 20.00 will be charged and this will be deducted from your commission pay.

7) Agent must call the buyer to confirm they already receive the order and update the status as received in order to make the transaction complete and this will then be converted into sales commission entitle for monthly claim.

8) Shall there breakage or broken of product upon receipt, exchange is allow provided if receiver send out the item within 7 days. No exchange of other product, replacement only given on same item. Shall the same item out of stock, Secret Garden will contact the buyer for next best available goods.

9) Agent's commission will be pay on 15th of every month for last month's commission earned. Example: Commission earned from 01/03/2013 - 31/03/2013 will be pay in 15/04/2013

10) Referral of agent commission will be release only if we have received payment from the agent referred. Referral commission will be pay together with sales commission i.e 15th of every month. 

11) Minimum payout of commission is RM 50.00
Shall your total commission is less than RM 50.00, it will be accumulated to next month's payout. Example, total commission earn on March is RM 30.00, payment will not be release. In April, you earn RM 30.00 commission. Then, in April, you will get RM 60.00 in total. 

12) Secret Garden reserves the rights to terminate your dropship agent account if there are no transaction made for 3 months continuously. 

13) Secret Garden reserves the rights to terminate your agent account at anytime shall The Company found you carrying out any activity that can lead to bad reputation of the company. 

14) Agent fees is not refundable. Please read the Terms & Conditions and FAQ carefully before joining. 

Secret Garden reserves the rights to update Terms and Conditions at any time. Please check out frequently.
For any other enquiries, please contact